Eckhard Szimba

Dr. Eckhard Szimba

  • Waldhornstr. 27
    76131 Karlsruhe

Forschungsinteressen / Research interests

  • Assessment and evaluation methodologies
  • Assessment and evaluation of transport policies and mobility concepts
  • Socio-economic impacts of autonomous mobility concepts
  • Macroscopic transport demand modelling
  • Development of transport policy assessment instruments
  • European transport infrastructure planning and policy
  • Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T)
  • Interdependence between transport infrastructure projects
  • Mega infrastructure projects
  • Information systems for transport policy and research
  • General features of transport economics

Projekte / Projects

  • autoTram: use of automation functions for tramways

  • MobileCityGame

  • SuMo-Rhine: Sustainable Mobility in the Upper Rhine Region

  • Profilregion Mobilitätssysteme Karlsruhe

  • HIGH-TOOL: Strategic high-level transport model (project coordinator)

  • TRIP: Transport Research & Innovation Portal

  • HERMES: High Efficient and Reliable arrangeMEnts for CroSsmodal Transport.

  • ETISplus: European Transport policy Information System, Development and implementation of data collection methodology for EU transport modelling.

  • iTREN-2030: Integrated transport and energy baseline until 2030.

  • WORLDNET: Worldwide cargo flows.

  • Socio-economic expert for: Urban Transport Master Plan - Bucharest, Sibiu and Ploiesti.

  • Rail Baltica: Feasibility study on Rail Baltica railways.

  • TINA Turkey: Technical Assistance to Transport Infrastructure Needs Assessment (TINA) Turkey.

  • TRANS-TOOLS: TOOLS for Transport forecasting And Scenario testing.

  • EUN-STAT: Scenarios, traffic forecasts and analysis of traffic flows including countries neighbouring the European Union.

  • MuSTT: Multi-stakeholder European Targeted Action for Sustainable Tourism and Transport.

  • TEN-STAC: Scenarios, Traffic forecasts and Analysis of Corridors on the Trans-European network.

  • ETIS-BASE: Core Database Development for the European Transport Policy Information System (ETIS).

  • IASON: Integrated Assessment of Spatial Economic and Network Effects of Transport Investments and Policies.

  • THINK-UP: Thematic Network to Understand Mobility Prediction.

  • SCENES: Modelling and methodology for analysing the interrelationship between external developments and European transport.

  • SCENARIOS: Scenarios for Trans-European Networks.

  • STEMM: Strategic European Multi-Modal Modelling.