• Ansprechperson:

    Dr. Eckhard Szimba

  • Förderung:

    Im Auftrag der Europäischen Kommission, Generaldirektion Verkehr und Energie

  • Starttermin:


  • Endtermin:


                                                        WORLDNET: Worldwide cargo flows.




Project Funding

The WORLDNET project was funded by the European Commission (DG Mobility & Transport) under the 6th RTD Programme.



Project summary

The main objective of WORLDNET was the extension and the refinement of the European Commission’s freight transport policy knowledge base, with regard to freight transport flows between the EU and all other countries of the world. Thus, a high level of attention was attached to maritime transport and air freight. The road and rail network models were extended towards Asia and Northern Africa, in order to define a basis to enlarge the scope of assignment. By broadening the geographical scope and development of flow matrices and transport networks at this enlarged scale, WORLDNET provided data and a methodology for TRANS-TOOLS and – via cooperation with iTREN-2030 – an integrated policy scenario and forecasting system.

IWW’s main roles were the extension of the rail and road network models towards Asia and Northern Africa, contributions for the computation of inter-modal freight transport impedances, and the elaboration of interfaces to TRANS-TOOLS.




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