• Ansprechperson:

    Dr. Eckhard Szimba

  • Förderung:

    Im Auftrag der Europäischen Kommission, Generaldirektion Verkehr und Energie, 5.Rahmenprogramm

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  • Endtermin:



ETIS-BASE: Core Database Development for the European Transport policy Information System (ETIS)





Project Funding

The ETIS-BASE project was funded by the European Commission (DG TREN) under the 5th RTD Programme.




Project summary

ETIS-BASE was responsible for the development of a reference database, which was the core element of the European Transport policy Information System (ETIS). This pan-European database covers all EU countries and has become the reference database for European strategic modelling, by focussing on TEN-T policy issues.

ETIS-BASE provides a repeatable methodology for the development of a consistent database and a reference database comprising socio-economic, passenger/ freight transport demand transport network, passenger/ freight transport service and cost data, as well as data on external effects.

IWW contributed to the passenger O/D matrix, and was responsible for network data, passenger level-of-service and external effects data.