• Ansprechperson:

    Dr. Eckhard Szimba

  • Förderung:

    Im Auftrag der Europäischen Kommission, Generaldirektion Verkehr und Energie, 5. Rahmenprogramm


THINK-UP: Thematic Network to Understand Mobility Prediction.





Project Funding

The THINK-UP project was funded by the European Commission (DG TREN) under the 5th RTD Programme.



Project summary

THINK-UP was a thematic network project which drew together results on transport demand forecasting and scenario building. It discussed and compared the methodologies used, the underlying hypotheses and the results obtained.

THINK-UP was organised through a network of transport experts from many different sectors: policy makers, service providers, users, and researchers. Through small workshops and larger seminars the themes of the project were discussed and taken forward. The project considered in particular, the subjects of passenger and freight transport markets, the institutional context and policy variables, and issues concerning prediction tools and trend estimation. The results classified policy objectives and variables, validated segmentation of transport markets and reviewed European modelling results, as regards model specification.

IWW was responsible for the demand and supply segmentation of the passenger transport market, as well as the elaboration of passenger demand and supply trends.