GHG impacts of long-distance ridesharing and ridehailing services, in collaboration with the University of Leeds, Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)


In this Master thesis, the environmental impacts of long-distance ridesharing and ridehailing services shall be elaborated. The core of the Master thesis will be the development and conduction of an Online surevy among ridesharing and ridehailing users in Germany. The survey will cover various aspects such as alternative transport modes, price to be paid, and frequency of ride-hailing usage.

Based on the obtained answers from survey respondants, conclusions shall be elaborated on the potential of ridesharing and ridehailing to reduce the GHG impacts of long-distance transport, as well as on average prices of rail-hailing services.

The Master thesis is expected to be written in English and will be co-supervised by the Chair of Network Economics and the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) of the University of Leeds.

The elaboration of the Master thesis requires interest in the transport sector, preferably proven by the attendance of relevant courses (e.g., transport economics, competition in networks, transport engineering). Furthermore, a very good command of the English and German language is required, since the Master thesis will be written in English, whereas the Online survey will be conducted in German.

Interested? Please send a brief motivation letter and your transcript of records to Dr. Eckhard Szimba (szimba does-not-exist.kit edu).