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    Im Auftrag der Europäischen Kommission, Generaldirektion Mobilität und Verkehr

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BENEFIT (Business Models for Enhancing Funding & Enabling Financing for Infrastructure in Transport)

BENEFIT takes an innovative approach by analysing funding and financing within an inter-related system. Funding schemes are successful (or not) depending on the business model that generates them. The performance of the business model is affected by the implementation and the transport mode context. It is matched successfully (or not) by a financing scheme. A governance model (contracting arrangements) describes the relations between actors. These are key elements in transport infrastructure provision, operation and maintenance. Success is a measure of the appropriate matching of elements.

Basis of the analysis is a data stock of case studies inherited from previous research and enlarged by all partners during the project. Cases are analysed with respect to the key elements mentioned. Describing these key elements through their characteristics and attributes and clustering each of them is the basis of developing a generic framework. This allows for the transferability of (parts of) the findings across modes and countries.

The BENEFIT partnership takes stock of over twenty years of EC funded, national and international research. It receives direct input, with respect to study cases, from the OMEGA Centre and COST Action TU1001.

The KIT develops a catalogue of criteria in order to describe the financing structure of a transport infrastructure project. Furthermore, KIT extends the database of infrastructure projects by three case studies (e.g. Herrentunnel in Lübeck) and applies a financing indicator to all case studies in the database.